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Find out best wireless tattoo machines 2021, and best wireless tattoo machines pen. Get information about wireless scorpion tattoo machine kit. Dragoart wireless tattoo machine cordless, wireless tattoo pen.

Tattooing is a particular art. From being a hobbyist to known tattoo artists, everyone in the industry has their styles and preferences.

When it comes to tattooing, the choice of accessories is just as important as anything else. If you’re a beginner, this guide will help you to understand all the essential aspects of this cordless technology.

If you are beginner and want to test your skills, we suggest you should Use Tattoo Transfer Paper before going practical. A good Tattoo Transfer Paper helps you to adjust your tattoo, before tattooing it on the skin.

What is Wireless Tattoo Machine?

As its name says, the term “wireless” refers to a piece of machinery that can operate without a power cord, powered by a rechargeable battery.

Same as a wireless tattoo machine will have the same principle by being operated with rechargeable batteries. There are a couple of possibilities you will find in terms of controlling the voltage system, including:

1- Using a battery pack that allows you to switch the voltage directly from the box or,

2- Using a foot-switch that will be wirelessly connected to the battery pack, then adjusting the force.

Any of the two (2) options will give you the liberty of not using any cords; however, there will be some advantages and disadvantages for each one of them. We will discuss it in the next sections.

It is a relatively new technology in the tattoo industry, and currently, a few brands are making wireless tattoo machines.

While wireless adapters are in use for some time now, native wireless power supplies are catching the market and getting popular in a short period.

However, as they say – no two snowflakes are alike. The same goes for wireless tattoo machines. Each is different from others, based on their performance and features. Therefore, you must choose the top-rated wireless tattoo machine.

Best Wireless Tattoo Machines

  1. Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Kit with Wireless Tattoo Power Supply
  2. Stigma Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen with Battery
  3. STIGMA Premium Quality Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen With Cordless Motor
  4. Mast Saber Wireless Battery Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen
  5. Hawink Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen Style Supply Coreless Motor
  6. Yuelong Rotary Tattoo Machine Gun with Wireless Tattoo Power Supply
  7. Mast Tour Wireless Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Wireless Battery Power
  8. Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen
  9. Solong Tattoo Pen Kit Rotary Tattoo Gun with Wireless Tattoo Power Supply
  10. MAX PMU Wireless/Cordless Brow Machine
  11. MERAKI Wireless PMU/Tattoo Machine
  12. Javelin Wireless Portable Tattoo Pen Kit Starter Machine

1. Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Kit with Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

Is it true that you are searching for a decent tattoo machine pen that can keep going for extended periods? Is it true to say that you are searching for the best pen-style tattoo machine at an incredible cost? Hawink Tattoo Machine Pen is a powerful, all-around designed tattoo machine that prompts quick healings after the system. The value point isn’t excessively high. Thus, regardless of whether you are a fledgling or master, you can begin your pen-style tattoo machine utilizing this Hawink Tattoo Machine Pen.

Is it true that you are searching for a classy model that packs in force and steadiness? Look no further as the Hawink Tattoo Machine Pen is the item for you! With a flexible stroke of 0-3.6mm and the most extreme needle projection of 3.5mm. It offers a smooth and calm activity for each one of those extended periods you spend making a masterpiece.

Hawink tattoo machine is an excellent item made from airplane aluminum composite. It additionally includes an exceptional Japanese superior coreless engine with an FK center drive framework incorporates. With an incredible and dynamic framework, your tattoo experience makes sure to reach more up-to-date statures.

This machine includes a fantastic engine and flawless appearance, lightweight, too steady, and ideal for tattoo artisans. It permits you to feel more good and exact inking systems than conventional machines. Hawink has an ergonomic, lightweight pen-style device, copying the grasp and feel of a genuine pen.

The tattoo kit includes a tattoo machine, two tattoo batteries, tattoo needles. The corn machine is compatible with all cartridge needle types. The device compatible with all cartridge needle types. The max operating voltage is 14V. Don’t run it superior than that, or you’ll burn the Motor and cause mechanical wear.

2. Stigma Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen with Battery

Stigma EM125 is a tremendously utilized rotational tattoo firearm pack with a pen-like shape and works with a Direct Current connector working under 12V. This pen genuinely agreeable, from baby bird to proficient errands. The machine was constructed with a Space Aluminum outline and controlled by Japanese Motor. It has a fantastic tattoo weapon with a lightweight element, a high-level stuff framework, no vibration, and calm activity.

The pack accompanies two tattoo batteries to keep the machine running consistently. When the craftsman works with one, the other can charge to help the undertaking. Extra frill like 20 computers of cartridges are completely solid and disinfected when the Stigma EM125 is a lot of viable with a wide range of tattoo needles.

This excessively quality tattoo weapon accompanies CE confirmation and gives one year guarantee to perform simultaneously. This machine pen has a classic black pen with a DC connector, made of space aluminum frame and Japan motor. This rotary pen is compatible with all types of cartridge needles.

Furthermore, it has an ergonomic, lightweight pen-style. This machine features a dominant motor and an advanced gear system that guarantee reliable, quiet operation without any vibration. The STIGMA tattoo kit consists of two tattoo batteries. When one is at work, the other can recharge, and two batteries can use interchangeably to make tattoo work more efficient.


  • Rechargeable battery operated gun
  • Quiet rotary gun
  • Sterile cartridge needles
  • Professional kit
  • Japanese Motor
  • Healthy accessories
  • Quiet features

3. STIGMA Premium Quality Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen With Cordless Motor

The Stigma EM-158-2 pen intently takes after the Mast Saber. It has a 2000mAh limit battery for as long as 8 hours of runtime. Besides, LCD is an afterthought that shows the voltage, remaining charge, and working time.

There are five removable holds in the crate that adjust the barrel size. Albeit the rotational pen is red, two of the grasps are dark elastic. The others are aluminum, similar to the body of the cell.

You can change the voltage in 0.1 augmentations with the press of a catch on the screen. It’s additionally conceivable to turn the barrel and change the stroke length from 1 to 4mm. Clients say that the snap change is smooth, and the cartridge stays for you can see it and the showcase simultaneously.

The pen accompanies a charging link and a 1-year ensure. The shell’s metal material crave by aircraft aluminum alloy enclosed with five grip sleeves 35mm aluminum allot, 3 with metal, 2 are rubber, five medels to choose anyone you like for your daily work. Thus, this pen has a tattoo wireless 3.7Vlithium battery 2000mAh, LED-digital display. The screen displays the current-voltage, the proportion of remaining power, and the startup’s working time, and the three data are scrolled and switched.

The machine’s voltage button can adjust through the button respectively with the voltage of 0.1V on each press. Instead of a traditional pen-style tattoo machine, the wireless battery pen machine isolated the tattoo cord’s use to provide freedom on tattooing anywhere and anyhow you wanted to.


  • Low vibration
  • Effective needle length
  • Needle stroke
  • Craved with aircraft aluminum alloy
  • Traditional pen-style

4. Mast Saber Wireless Battery Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen 

The Mast Saber pen, in like manner, has a 2000 mAh battery that continues for 8 hours and re-invigorates in only 2—fascinating that you can keep working with it while it’s connected and topping off the battery.

Another magnetic component is the LCD that shows the voltage and the working time. The pen works at 5 to 10V. For covering, set it at 7.5 to 9V. Stick to 6 to 8V for hiding. It has a typical stroke length of 3.5mm. Shaft saber far off battery pen rotational tattoo machine isolated the tattoo rope’s use to allow inking wherever and regardless you expected to.

The battery constraint is 2000mAh can work for 8 hours when stimulated. Just need 2 hours for change and work routinely while charging. It’s not tricky to sed. No need for extra exercises can enter the working state immediately.

The LED show will exhibit the working voltage, voltage similar to recording your working time. This machine manages voltage 5-10V needle stroke 3.5mm needle swell 0-4.5mm suggest voltage for covering 7.5v-9v propose voltage for hiding 6v-8v.

At last, the rotational pen checks a hair of more than six and a half ounces. Its estimation is 1.26 inches, and the length is 5.2 inches. Pick either red or dim.


  • Good battery life
  • Led display
  • No need for extra operation
  • Use of tattoo cord

5. Hawink Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen Style Supply Coreless Motor 

Hawink tattoo machine is our first remote machine. It outfits with two force jolts, which can utilize on the other hand. The limit of we tattoo machine’s force jolt is 900mAh. After count by our group, a force jolt can use for 3.5h-9h.

The energy productivity of each force jolt is pretty much as high as 8.5%. Its use rate is more prominent than different batteries. The charging season of each force jolt needs 1.5 h. Hawink tattoo machine is the most limited drive we have planned up until now, and it’s anything but a short dream. This implies that it can appropriate for different tattoo impacts, and its vibration will be lower than other machines.

This tattoo pen utilizes the engine ‘WE’ planned by our group, following the ‘WE’ green idea of similar earth. The bundle incorporates one machine, two force jolt, one expert manual one sort – cline.

Its force supply gives quick and exact voltage changes. This improves machine work at capacity and effectiveness from the force supply. Probably the best thing about the Hawink pen turning machine is the way that it’s simply a tiny part of the cost of the pen machine yet is effectively similar to it. It’s not by and large a trick as the two have various plans; however, they can fight straight on with execution.

Along these lines, for a superior alternative that will not use up every last cent, this revolving tattoo pen machine would be an outstanding choice for use.


  • Lightweight
  • Smooth
  • Quite an operation
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable working voltage

6. Yuelong Rotary Tattoo Machine Gun with Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

A yearlong tattoo pack is an appropriate unit for the ones hoping to begin rehearsing with a low spending unit. Because of the loop tattoo machine, it could be somewhat precarious for novices to set it up. The tattoo machine has a low vibration and 22mm hold, making it useful for long time utilization.

This pack’s force supply is an expert evaluation power supply with full alternative highlights to run both the curl and rotating kinds of machines. It accompanies a blue LCD that shows voltage, speed, amps, obligation, and finishes. The force supply is user0friendly with a simple to control button. Additionally, there is a helpful stopwatch includes that equipped for observing the time in a meeting.

You can utilize with the scope of 0 to 18 volts similarly as you require. The bundle accompanies magnets, mounts connector, attractions cups, and obviously, the forces supply it. The ergonomic, lightweight plan of these best turning tattoo machines makes it more agreeable to hold better exactness and control. It makes our rundown for the transcendent rotational device since it explicitly made considering convenience so you can continue to work without any concerns.

Its remote highlights offer 8-10V of working force that is flexible and fits all force supply brands, and it’s viable with a wide range of needle cartridges. It even accompanies a connector string for other force supplies. This tattoo pen is flexible. In addition to the fact that it lines and shade well, it’s extraordinary for perpetual cosmetics too. Tattoo specialists and cosmetics experts will concur that this rotating tattoo machine pack functions admirably for any need.

7. Mast Tour Wireless Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Wireless Battery Power

Pole Tour tattoo machine is our image littlest machine that could be packing simple. This tattoo machine made for making a trip and needs to put simple tattoo artisans. It conveys LED show light working. This tattoo machine outline part is independent of the hold. Clean the tattoo machine outline without any problem. Also, the wait is autoclavable. It has a Seamless casing that ensures within the machine.

The hold protects from being cleaned in an autoclave. Turn the handle to eliminate it or change needle profundity. The machine had an excellent tempered steel spring inside its body component. An exceptional instrument makes a decent immediate hit along with enough non-abrasiveness. This machine is an ideal machine for all sorts of works. Covering, fine spot work, shading pressing, concealing, dark and dim reasonable

Press and grip the battery button for 2-3 seconds to turn on and off. However, long it is a charger of 1A or over, the charging season of the battery 1200MAH is around 3 hours, and the use time is about 6 hours. There are a few reasons why our top pick is the Mast Tour small pen. First of all, the battery configuration is virtuoso as it keeps the machine adjusted.

Then, the battery goes on for 6 hours of work and requires 3 hours to re-energize from the void. It accompanies a USB-C link for that reason. The tranquil Japanese cordless engine should keep going for at any rate 3000 hours of administration. It doesn’t get hot, and it doesn’t vibrate, making it agreeable to use for exactness line work.

Additionally, this pen is useful for shading, pressing, and concealing. You can turn the battery to change the length of the needles.

8. Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen

You can get the Mast Archer in red, dark, pink, or blue. It has a bigger battery limit than the Mast Tour as it runs for as long as 8 hours. At that point, it requires just 2 hours of re-energizing. Moreover, the Archer monitors runtime only as battery limit and the voltage. It has an illuminated LED show as an afterthought where you can make changes and view the data.

It’s viable with all brands of needle cartridges. The treated steel spring inside considers hard enough hits for clear covering yet enough sheer quality for shading pressing and concealing. There are two replaceable holds in the bundle. They can disinfect in an autoclave. It’s by turning the grasp that you can change the needle profundity. The standard stroke length is 3.5mm.

MAST archer remote rotational tattoo pen machine has an apparent LCD voltage screen, effectively customizable voltage. The heaviness of this machine is 186g, and length 132mm, width 32mm. The archer machine has a standard 3.5mm stroke length, functions as a liner or a shade. This machine has easy to cover and ensure. This may produce cartridge change and substitution.

This small tattoo pen has progressed gear framework that smooth, delicate, and calm activity and ideal recuperating results. With this lightweight pen, you can, without much of a stretch, convey it anyplace and adaptable for each style tenderly or easily moves into the skin. Interestingly, it suits all skin types.


  • Easily adjustable voltage
  • LCD voltage screen
  • Smooth
  • Soft
  • Quiet operation
  • Flexible
  • lightweight

9. Solong Tattoo Pen Kit Rotary Tattoo Gun with Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

Solong is one of the most significant unit producers on the planet. They broadly know among proficient tattoo artisans. If you ask tattoo craftsman which brand they depend on, they’ll say solong obviously. Because of the quality confirmation they can get from solong, you can’t anticipate comparable quality from different brands.

That is why they are quite possibly the most generally realized tattoo pack and embellishments makers of the world. Solong offers some tattoo units which you can utilize by and by. A tattoo is about self-clarifying. You can pass judgment on an individual’s character by seeing their tattoo—the best way to self-explain you with a tattoo kit that understands personality value.

Solong rotational tattoo pen is CNC-Machined via airplane Aluminum composite and afterward anodized finish. The engine is 10w made in Taiwan, low commotion, solid and stable to work, no hot for a long time working. A tattoo pen intends to give you the wardrobe feel of a real pen that you can get with a tattoo machine. You can utilize this pen to do inking, lasting eyebrows cosmetics, lip line, and eye line. This pen is across the board.

The inking solong unit comprises a tattoo pen, 50pcs cartridge tattoo needles, a battery-powered tattoo battery, 1500mAH, and DC 5.5 association. This machine can make viable any remaining brand tattoo power supplies; you will get an attachment connector to work with each of those force supplies. It secures with a CE confirmation one-year guarantee.


  • low noise
  • strong
  • stable to work
  • all in one pen
  • rechargeable tattoo battery

10. MAX PMU Wireless/Cordless Brow Machine

The Permanent Makeup Machine by PMU is a cordless machine that works utilizing a lithium battery or an AC/DC connector. When it energizes entirely, it can run for as long as 3 hours, giving you sufficient opportunity to chip away at your lasting cosmetics. The charging season of the battery is roughly 2 hours.

This cosmetics machine has a calm activity and runs proficiently. The miniature concealing cosmetics machine creates with an airplane aluminum amalgam that makes it very sturdy. This cosmetics machine has three diverse speed controls, making it helpful to utilize. Furthermore, the needles in this machine can effectively change. The pen has a proficient and low disorder. The pen carries a 3-speed control&needle change.

M PMU Tattoo pen can work at a turning rate of up to 16000 r/m. It has an ergonomic and lightweight plan that makes it simple to utilize. The Makeup Pen comes in 4 diverse shading choices of gold, dark, silver, and rose gold. This machine works with a lithium battery or AC/DC Adapter. The power has a dependable battery life of 2 hours on a full charge to permit you a sizable amount of time to quickly deal with a customer. It accompanies two batteries, so you won’t need to stress over running out of force.

Moreover, this machine is made with top-notch airplane Aluminum Alloy material and is utilized worldwide by aces and mentors for cordless. A device may require an ideal machine for tattoo artisans.


  • Wireless design for better mobility
  • Adjustable
  • Effortless
  • Lightweight
  • The pen made up from aircraft Aluminium Alloy
  • 5V Powerful Motor
  • 60-minute charging time
  • 3-speed controls

11. MERAKI Wireless PMU/Tattoo Machine

Is it true to say that you are an expert or preparing perpetual make-up craftsman searching for premium-quality and simple-to-utilize PMU instruments to use on your customers? Worn out on being overloaded bylines and wires when attempting to plan complicated eyebrow tattoos, ombre powder temples, and other perpetual make-up? Assuming this is the container, at that point, the NEW MERAKI Wireless Microblading Tattoo Machine is the arrangement you’ve been searching for!

MERKI remote tattoo machine introduces by M store. The cordless PMU/tattoo machine uses a lithium battery. Cut the line and work flawlessly without stress over running out of force with two lithium batteries included—the more significant part of the craftsman’s use to being secured by a corded machine. Change how you work with our 100% cordless machine.

This gadget furnishes five remarkable speeds for specialists at any level. Regardless of whether you’re dealing with ombre powder temples, nano foreheads, microblading, eyeliner, or lips, there is an appropriate speed for each

artisan and each help. Consequently, the machine-made with top-notch aluminum material is not difficult to clean and won’t leave fingerprints behind. MERAKI machines are viable with M3 or Intelli needle cartridges. Every tattoo artisan needs to purchase the best tattoo machine which they can utilize without any problem. thus, this one is awesome for the novices or middle artisans.


  • High-quality material
  • Made of aluminum
  • Five speeds
  • M3 needles
  • wireless

12. Javelin Wireless Portable Tattoo Pen Kit Starter Machine

The Javelin Spear pen arrives in a unit that is ideal for starting tattoo artisans. It has a preparation framework with guidelines and a CD that incorporates tattoo streak designs. There’s additionally a determination of inks and needles for rehearsing, besides to grasp tape. Try not to stress over substitutions as the tattoo machine is viable with all brands of needle cartridges.

The Amazing Wireless Javelin Freedom Portable Tattoo Kit includes the incredible Javelin Spear with a 4.5 watts engine joined with the Javelin Matrix Portable Power Supply’s flexibility. This arrangement is entirely remote and allows the client to make artistry any place and at whatever point the person picks. This preparation framework joins the Tattoo Supply and Equipment Crash Course 101 and a reserve of blaze plans from the Holy Flash Design CD and all the equipment essential to gain proficiency with the exchange. This unit assembles with the end goal of proceeded with use after your apprenticeship.

The Javelin Spear is worked with a smooth-running 4.5-watt engine with a balanced 3.5mm stroke fit for coating, concealing, and pressing tone. It lines like a distraught bull yet delicately covers in tones and tones wonderfully and quickly. It includes a gradual needle profundity change and an excellent adjusted profile. The Matrix Portable Power Supply is a wonder of creativity that uses an RCA fitting to jack into the tattoo pen vertically. The implicit 2000 mAh battery-powered lithium battery is equipped for as long as 5 hours of run time. It includes a specific catch activity that switches between voltage, % battery, and voltage change of 4.5-12 volts.

Things to Consider

Dragoart is one of the affordable wireless rechargeable rotary pen machine brands that deserve your attention. Dragoart already has its fair share in the tattoo machines market, so why not give it a try?

If you are a professional or beginner and starting to learn the basics of wireless tattoo machines, this latest technology can be an option to think about; However, there are a few tips, which I recommend you take into account before buying.


The first thing you have to look for is the battery; this includes the battery life, working time while in operation, and the charging time. From 3 points, as mentioned earlier, I would say the most important is the battery timing (work for hours without breaking the tempo, don’t even think about recharging the batteries).

Always keep looking for variation in power while tattooing, which will indicate that your battery needs to recharge. When you feel this, we recommend that you should replace it with a freshly charged battery.

Machine Weight

A high-quality wireless tattoo machine gives you the increased ability plus resilient usage as there is no need to deal with a bulky cord. By adding a rechargeable battery as a power source will slightly increase the weight of the machine.

If the rechargeable tattoo machine starts to feel heavy and looks too challenging to work with, it is not worth to buy it at all, if you love lightweight tattoo machines.

Always take an in-depth look into the weight, along with the battery and all the add-ons attached.

Needle Compatibility

Needles are sold separately, and most wireless tattoo machines have specific needle projection dimensions. This makes them incompatible with using other types of needles.

The same happens with cordless tattoo machines, which experienced with Scorpion Tattoo Machine range, which uses a magnetic feature to adjust and operate the needles.

If you ended buying a machine that does not require a cord connection, I would recommend you include the set of needles compatible with that machine.

Ask your provider if other tattoo needles are compatible with your current machine.


Same as needles, some specific machines are only compatible with a wireless feature. For example, I tested one of my friend’s coil custom tattoo machines, and i was too annoyed about its low voltage response. Maybe, a 10 coil tattoo machine was a bit too much for the battery pack we connected.

Currently, wireless tattoo machine brands available in the market are focusing on modifying their models to create compatibility with rotary tattoo machines.

Lastly, if you are willing to test your current machine, make sure it has an RCA connection.

Wireless Tattoo Machine Power supply

As mentioned earlier, wireless tattoo guns are still evolving; several models differ on how they connect to a power supply. As wireless models use rechargeable batteries, the wireless tattoo machine gun pen can be more adaptable and easy to use.

Take an in-depth look into how your tattoo machine will connect to adapters and how easy it is to plugs-in and use it with batteries.

The regular models available in the market are the ones where you can change the battery. It is handy; however, a couple of less popular things I found are the potential comparability and the overall weight.

On the other hand, only Ink Machines manufactures a system that can offer the feature of controlling the voltage by using a different set of battery packs calibrated to operate at your selected voltages.

The wireless tattoo machine system will detect which battery pack will work, and the controller will give you real-time readings while operating.

Wireless Kit

Most cordless tattoo machines are sold with a complete kit. That includes a foot pedal, batteries, power supply, charging lines, adapters, tattoo guns, and compatible needle.

The wireless tattoo machine kit price may vary depending on the components and their quality.


What are your views on this? Have you ever used best wireless tattoo machines? How was your experience? Let us know by using comments section below.

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