20 Best Coil Tattoo Machines 2022 – Beginners, Lining, Shader

Want to know what are the best coil tattoo machines 2022 on the market, and best coil tattoo machines for beginners, lining and shader 2022. You can also find top rated best liner tattoo machines reviews.

Well there are many good coil tattoo machines are available in the market and you can’t decide which one is going to work best for you. Don’t worry our tattoo machines experts have made it easy for you, their expert reviews and suggestion will help you to choose best tattoo machines reviews.

But before going to buy a best tattoo machine, you need to know some important thing about tattoo machine, including types of tattoo machines, professional brands of coil tattoo machines, expensive versus inexpensive coil tattoo machines and what coil tattoo machine is best for you.

There are some wireless tattoo machines available in the market now, which are operated by rechargeable battery.

Is A Coil Tattoo Machine Best For Me?

As our experts observed coil tattoo machines are made for people with good skill, nice grip, tuning, stemna, maintenance, and know-how compared to all other types of tattoo machines.

So, if you’re a starter or a beginner even just need a tattoo machine to make a few tattoos for the sake of fun for your friends or yourself, or just want to spend time to find a new hobby, we recommend that you should go with rotary tattoo machine, which will be best for you!

But if you’re serious to make tattoo making as your career, and want to master the tattooing, then this beast named as coil tattoo machine will be your perfect choice. As, buying a coil tattoo machine going to be an awesome idea. Because you won’t be counted as true pro tattoo artist without mastering a coil machine first!

Types of Coil Tattoo Machine

There are 4 different types of coil tattoo machines, and coil tattoo guns available on the market available to buy, and these are available in different types of styles, shapes and brands. In these 4 types, there are two main types of coil machines, first is a shader, which is used to fill the tattoo with colors and shading. 2nd one is called liner, which is used to fill the dark areas or used to create out lines. There are also other common types of coil machines.

Soft shader
Color packer
Conventional liner
Power liner

Best Coil Tattoo Machines

Below is the list of best coil tattoo machines 2022, you can buy without any hesitation.

  1. Dragonhawk Complete Coil Tattoo Machine Starter Kit
  2. Dragonhawk 2 Brass Coil Tattoo Machines (Liner & Shader)
  3. HILDBRANDT .38 Calibre Tattoo Machine Shader
  4. Dragonhawk Extreme v2 Tattoo Machine
  5. GRINDER Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo
  6. Thomas Coil Tattoo Machine 2 Piece (Liner & Shader)
  7. Bishop Authentic Rotary Tattoo Machine
  8. Solong Complete Tattoo Kit
  9. HILDBRANDT .22 Rimfire Tattoo Machine 10 Wrap LINER
  10. Redscorpion Cast Iron Liner Coil Tattoo Machine
  11. Black Widow iii Tattoo Machine
  12. Inkstar Tattoo Kit Journeyman 2 Machine Gun TKI2CC20
  13. Rick Saverias Premium Shader Coil Tattoo Machine
  14. Redscorpion Coil Tattoo Machine Gun Set for Liner and Shader
  15. Artistry Fire Red Cast Iron Liner Tattoo Machine Coffin
  16. Stigma Tattoo Kit ST201 with 2 Coil Machines

Best Coil Tattoo Machines For Beginners

Want to know what are the best coil tattoo machines for beginners? below are the best tattoo machines for beginners to start showing your tattoo art skills.

Dragonhawk Complete Coil Tattoo Machine Starter Kit

Dragonhawk Complete Coil Tattoo Machine Starter Kit

Dragonhawk tattoo kit for starters is the most complete and top choice as the best coil tattoo machine for beginners. This kit includes DragonHawk Craft tattoo machines, power liner machine, Traditional conventional Liner machine, finest and best soft shader machine and also color packer machine, they have also added copper coils with steel frame tattoo machines in this kit.

Dragonhawk Craft tattoo machines is designed by a famous tattoo artists Gabe. The pro Gabe Shum have tested all of the craft machines in tattooing industry for quite a long time. This kit is specially made for pro tattooist who needs to make more styles tattoo work. This special kit include all required tattoo equipment’s which makes it easy to start tattooing, this is one of the best coil shader tattoo machines.

It is the perfect tattoo machine for beginners because it is powered with everything a beginners needs to start learning how to tattoo, and helps you for creating your first tattoos, instantly.

DragonHawk coils tattoo machines includes unlimited tattoo styles and colorful frames, Craft coils machine provides some very special frames for robust and less vibration compared to other tattoo machine brands. It helps the tattoo artists with its easy to use tattoo supplies without any special adjustments.

Digital DragonHawk tattoo machine has a special power supply system which provides quick and accurate activation and voltage adjustments. It also includes 50 Dragonhawk sterile EO tattoo needles, 304L stainless steel and clean soldering to get pretty awesome end results.

This is on the top of the list, when it comes to best tattoo starter kits and one of the absolutely amazing tattoo kit very easy to set up great smooth groove when tattooing. If your a 1st artist this Dragon kit is the best to start with.

Best Cheap Coil Tattoo Machine

Thomas Coil Tattoo Machine 2 Piece (Liner & Shader)

Thomas Coil Tattoo Machine 2 Piece (Liner & Shader)

Thomas Coil Tattoo Machine Review. Thomas has crafted 2 custom affordable coil tattoo machines to get high quality results, for pro’s, intermediate and beginners. It is one of the best professional coil tattoo machines.

Question is, are they really as good as bishop tattoo machines? Well, honestly actually many pro tattoo artists, said yes to this! But question remains, how can we compare these coil tattoo machines under $50 even you can get top quality under $100, compete the quality of a tattoo machine of $500+ high priced brand?

The reason of these machines high quality is, you can simply start using them, right out of the box, and these are gone produce best tattoos. Even for adding around $50 – $100 addon for your own customized personal upgrades, this top rated coil tattoo machine can provide results be as good or even better than a high end bishop tattoo machines, hence this is the best cheap coil tattoo machine.

But as for your concern, your aim is that you just in need of a good coil tattoo machine that gets the tattoo done without putting to much burden on your pocket… is it … Right?!?

If your answer is in yes, then we recommend that you should only consider this great product by Thomas…

If, its used by some professional tattoo guru, you are gone see some mind-blowing tattoo’s are created using Thomas Machines, and these tattoos will look same as they were created using a Bishop tattoo machine worth $500+.

As in the end, it’s the tattoo, which are only people going to see, and how its created.

So buying an expensive $500 tattoo machine is not necessary, if you want to make great tattoos.

That’s why our experts recommends Thomas Coil Tattoo Machines, as, they are going to help you create some really badass tats!

You can do even better, as you can easily customize & upgrade these machines what ever way you want!

Its not really necessary for you to upgrade it immediately, you can just slowly keep upgrading and customizing them, as per your needs, and as you increase your skills as an artist.

Well there is great benefit of getting a cheap coil tattoo machine like this… You can customize this, add your desired addons, or make changes.

Mateial is used is brass frame with casting technology which helps in creating simple and smooth lines. A 8 Wrap Coils Set Liner with 33UF 50V of Liner Capacitor and 10 Wrap Coils Set Shader 47UF 63V of Shader Capacitor.
Its spring are really highly flexible and with strong elasticity, its super hardness makes is not so easy to wreck. It has some really stable working speed and produces hard lines by using very less power. Its high strength allows this machine to Work for continues 8 Hours at same time, with heating up.

Best Pro Liner & Shader Coil Tattoo Machines

Dragonhawk 2 Brass Coil Tattoo Machine Kit Straight Shader Circle Liner

Dragonhawk Brass Coil Tattoo Machines Review

Dragonhawk Brass Coil Tattoo Machines Review, dragonhawk 2 brass tattoo machines with liner and shader is perfect for any tattoo professional also packed box in image. These machines are offcourse made with high quality sturdier materials, but not with any of the cheaper materials.

That’s why these are a bit heavier compared to other machines. But be sure once you got used to them, these are going to work for you like a charm and you are not gone leave them at all. There is no doubt that this is the best coil tattoo machine for lining.

Our experts are pretty impressed with supreme quality of these coil machines for this low price. These machines are set up very appropriately for a liner and a shader. Its liner runs very fast and provides a solid punch for clean crisp lines. The shader also provides some pretty nice and soft but very clean hit for nice pepper shading! You can compare these machines with the one’s you’ve bought at the price of $100. This is a great intermediate machines for shaping up your tattooing game!

This is one of the best brass coil tattoo machines, as each of these machines are made from CNC machined billet brass for pro tattoo artists. The shader includes ten wrap coils on the other hand the liner has packed with eight wraps. So, you are not gone needs more than 8 V.


  • CNC cut billet brass frame
  • Fitted with standard tube vise
  • Shader: 10 wrap coils, liner: 8 wrap coils
  • Shader: running 115-120 Hz with 7-8V, liner: running 140-150 Hz with 7-8V

Best Coil Tattoo Machine Brands

There are a lot of top coil tattoo machine brands available in the market, but the question is who makes the best coil tattoo machines? Well its really difficult to answer, are there are many brands available and different people consider different brands as their top choice. Below are some of the best coil tattoo machine brands.

  1. Thomas Coil Tattoo Machines
  2. Baltimore Street Irons Coil Tattoo Machines
  3. Borg Coil Tattoo Machines
  4. CTPS Saveria Coil & Rotary Tattoo Machines
  5. Precision coil tattoo machines
  6. Dead Nuts Ink Coil Tattoo Machines
  7. FK Irons Coil Tattoo Machines
  8. Godoy Machines Coil Tattoo Machines
  9. Pirat Coil Tattoo Machines
  10. Tatmatic Mfg. Coil Tattoo Machines
  11. Vital Machines Coil Tattoo Machines
  12. Welker Coil & Rotary Tattoo Machines

Types of Tattoo Machines

Don’ get yourself confused with types of good quality tattoo machines, when you go to market to buy a tattoo machine, well, right now you will find two types of tattoo machines, first is rotatory tattoo machine and second is coil tattoo machines. You should compare the different features these tattoo machines, which come with both these machines.

Things to consider while buying a coil tattoo machine

The basic purpose of creating this tattoo machine buying guide is to help you understand what things are the necessary to consider before choosing the best coil tattoo machine by understanding your requirements. The machine is best for anyone other, is going to be perfect for your requirements. So below are some basic things you so should look for while selecting a tattoo machine to buy.


Before choosing any tattoo machine to buy, you should look our the main purpose of selecting the particular machine. What is your main purpose of coil tattoo machine. Are you a pro tattoo artist or a beginner. If you want to use it to learn the tattoo art, then you can buy any cheap tattoo machine and best lightweight coil tattoo machines to steady your hands. If you are a pro and tattoo machine you are looking for is for your tattoo shop, then you should consider a high quality tattoo machine.


There are two types of machine. One is the best coil tattoo machine liner, and the other is the best coil tattoo machine shader. If you are looking for a machine just for drawing lines, then you should go with liner option, but if you want put a shade on your tattoo, then you should select a best shader.

Moreover, the liner tattoo machines and shader tattoo machines are divided into two main categories. One is called as coil tattoo machine, and 2nd is named as rotary tattoo machine. Both can perform the same task with easy, but both of these machines uses different technology and mechanism.

Quality and material:

Before you go to buy your desired tattoo machine you should check it’s quality and reviews. Always buy a tattoo machine made by a reputed brand, with guaranteed durability and high quality. There are different cheap tattoo machines, which you can buy in few bucks. We advise you to keep the distance from these kind of cheap machines, as those are not of durable quality. Always buy a machine made with high-quality material and brand.


Price is always a factor when you think to buy anything, same is with buying a tattoo machine. You will find a tattoo machine which costs you 1000$, but it always depends on how much you are willing to spend. So it must fit in your budget and affordable coil tattoo machine. However, if you have low budget, then keep in mind that you are not going to get a features of high end machine.

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